Monday, 11 November 2013

The Beast of Rainham Marsh, Short Film

Last month had me trawling through markets and dressing with live maggots as I production designed short film The Beast of Rainham Marsh. Directed by Matthew Cummins it is set to be released January 2014.

This production was so much fun and involved shooting in interior and exterior locations in London, Essex, Canterbury and Folkstone.

I had decided upon a very muted colour palette early on (I banished red), and had a very clear direction for wardrobe .  

Great fun, wonderful cast and crew and thankfully some lovely weather. 

There was no costume designer on this production, so aside from the art department I also took responsibility for wardrobe. Usually I would NEVER attempt this. But on this occasion I felt I knew the characters well enough and could treat wardrobe as an extension of my own department. 

Heading the art dept on this film involved liasing with phenomenal model maker Jeremy Hunt for the design and creation of hero prop and fx, over-seeing graphics by Alex Grant-Said and heading wardrobe. Amongst the usual designing, sourcing and dressing.  

Huge thanks to friend and rock Alex for reading my mind and keeping me sane.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Travelling Museum of British Invention

After immersing myself in the whaling ways of the nineteenth century I was commissioned to create a couple of exhibits for the Travelling Museum of British Invention

Touring up and down the country and featuring exhibits from various artists, this enchanting museum on a routemaster, showcases the very best of British discoveries throughout the ages. Graphics courtesy of my friend Alice Toe Roche.

I was commissioned by Sing! to create an exhibition piece for the Hypodermic Syringe, invented by Alexander Wood in 1853 after being inspired by the architecture of bee stings. 

 No bees were harmed in the making of this exhibit. Poor endangered bees need all the help they can get. 

I was asked to create another showcase for Uranus, the discovery of which was made by William Herschel in 1781. (The opportunity for a pun such as this, simply cannot be turned down.)

FUN FACT: William had originally named the planet after his best friend King George. 
This remained the case until other astronomers started poking fun. They decided to rename it UR ANUS. Which they thought was much more sensible...


Check out the Travelling Museum of British Inventions, coming soon to a pavement near you! Even Brian May's excited.

Having a Whale of a Time

Severe lack of blogging in the last few months. 

Fortunately it's not been laziness but because I've been so bloody swamped skipping from one exciting job to another that there's been no time to tell anyone about it. Which is nice really.

For the most part of August and September I was working alongside the lovely folks at Anarchy, on one of their many feature projects. Swell studio, lovely folks and the most enviable collection of 'things': trinkets, treasures, props I've ever seen stowed away in a mezzanine. Bob's certainly got some great, great bits.

I was brought on originally to work on the latest Ron Howard production In the Heart of the Sea; the story of whaling ship The Essex, set off the coast of Nantucket Island and the events which took place in 1820 that later inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick. 
Without giving too much away before the release....

I spent my time making/ dressing ships in bottles...

(Love a good rigging)

Drawing saucy mermaids in sailors sketchbooks....

And artworking some nice big chests...

Sea-faring heaven! As I said. I had a whale of a time. 

Monday, 15 July 2013


So last month I was at Annecy for the animation festival. Which was schweet. 

What's more I was there for the screening of the Asylum Films 'Y Factor' short (directed by Jordan Wood) which was originally part of A Liar's Autobiography released last year. And now I can finally post a few behind the scenes photos of some of my work on set! Pheww...

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Camberwell Festival billboards

Some photographs of the billboards I was commissioned to create for Camberwell Arts Festival this year! Dotted about between Loughborough Junction and Brixton, our ele and airship were pasted on billboards and pavement boards. Special thanks to Alexander G Said for his incomparable resourcefulness and god-given patience (mostly with me...). Thanks pal.

Monday, 3 June 2013

To Be a Young Man (-with a cricket head must be tough...)

I was commissioned by the director of this lovely music video, Matthew Cummins, to create a wearable locust mask. (Pretty much overnight, I might add!) And with a bit of cardboard and some rope lying around I got to it. 


Watch the results in the video for To Be a Young Man. Track by the talented Nadine Shah. Beautifully directed by Matthew Cummins.  (See it bigger better version here.)

Monday, 27 May 2013

Land, Sea and Sky

So for this years Camberwell Arts Festival the theme is 'Transport'. Which is very befitting as this year we celebrate the Tube running through our glorious city for 150 years! (P.S Stupendous exhibit at the Transport Museum in Covent Garden commemorating this. Must see.) It also happens that the new overground station in Peckham was opened earlier this year too; making it that little bit easier to get to Camberwell. 

Here's the concept board and some (really) rough concept scribbles.

Commissioned to come up with some images to represent the festival, Iriini and I have decided to create some fantastical modes of transportation to loosely represent ways of getting to Camberwell. The idea is 'Get to Camberwell... over ground, under ground, on the ground.' ie. Overground, Underground and by bus. 

Here are some snaps of my 'Overground' airship and balloon so far.