Friday, 25 November 2011

And Another Thing...

So I'm rifling through my mac with a cup of tea and keep stumbling upon heaps of old work for previous projects which I hadn't posted. For one reason or another. So I figure since I can't post any of the work I'm working on at the moment here are some playful sketches in prep for my earlier Bonnie and Clyde project which lead up to the final paper models installation.
I had set up a blog specifically to follow said project.
Vaguely informative but FAR too much garble for my liking... consider these the best bits.
This last image pictures some of the final models featured in the exhibit.

The Red House

Like I said... a red house.
These two paper models were a pair of quick maquettes. Originally ideas for a client website homepage back in June. A few months later I fell in love with this delightful little red house on a trip to Barcelona. Uncanny huh?

The Greedy Little Mouse

The following images are two unfinished spreads for a children's pop-up book I developed a couple of years ago. It's a narrative rhyming verse and is only about 6 pages long. It tells the story of a greedy little Parisian mouse who eats himself to a sorry end. Will post some more photos of the other pop-up spreads when I get a descent camera... All made in paper. As always. With a little watercolour thrown in for good measure.