Friday, 4 April 2014

80's Sneakers for CREPE CITY

Part 2:

Adidas Tourney
as worn by Scott Howard in Rod Daniel's Teen Wolf

And on the last day, Spielberg happened....

as worn by Marty McFly (still massively fanciable at the age of 25) 
in Spielberg's Back to the Future II

The self tying, light up sneakers feature in the second instalment of the movie, where Marty and The Doc travel to 2015. Too 'fly' to be true? Not for the clever clogs at Nike who manufactured a limited number of the Air Mag's a few years ago. They went on auction for a colossal amount to raise money for Parkinson's Disease.

In 2015 Nike are releasing a new design in homage to the movie. 
In 2015 I'm releasing a limited amount of the Nike Air Mags. With LEDs.
Watch out kids

The first attempt was a bit of a failure...
Second time's a charm!

 I hadn't anticipated that the tiny Nike tick would 
be the most difficult things to do at all! 

All 4 models went on sale at Crepe City last Saturday.

CREPE CITY serious sneaker fever in The Truman Brewery

Last month I spent a lovely 6 days at my desk. With a cup of tea, radio 6, my cutting mat, and surrounded by little stacks of colour co-ordinated papers I got to work making some tiny sneakers for this seasons Crepe City event. 

This year my theme was sneakers from movies which resulted in kicks for Kill Bill, The Life Aquatic, Teen Wolf and the much anticipated Back to the Future II. Here we go...

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 
as worn by Beatrix Kiddo in Tarantino's Kill Bill


Adidas Zissou
As worn by Steve Zissou in Anderson's The Life Aquatic
(I should note here: there is a slight difference in the sole between the trainers Adidas then released as a result of the movie, and the ones worn by Bill Murray.)

That was a warm up. Then I went retro....