Saturday, 11 June 2011

By the gun

This was essentially an exercise in model-making using with paper and card. The basis of the project was the story of Bonnie parker and Clyde Barrow; all 34 models are replicas of buildings and locations the couple visited or robbed, weapons they used, clothes they wore and the car they were shot down in in the ambush of 1934. The black and white colour scheme attempts to reference the newspaper clippings, early video footage and monochromatic photographs of the deadly duo which I came across during my lengthy research. Projected on the models was 2 minutes of newsreel footage shot moments after the death of Bonnie and Clyde. Casting some interesting shadows and providing the exhibit with an eerie news reporter's commentary describing the bloody scene brings life to the models.
Really enjoyed this, however must make a note to pick more upbeat and less grotesque topics to spend months researching in future...

Ray-guns, goat heads and My Chemical Romance

So some time earlier this year (forget when exactly) I helped out with the making of these 80's Sci-Fi/ Bowie-esque ray guns and masks for a promotional music video for that band My Chemical Romance filmed at the O2 Angel for song Planetary (Go!). Yes that's me with a goat head. No I don't know why.