Land, Sea and Sky

So for this years Camberwell Arts Festival the theme is 'Transport'. Which is very befitting as this year we celebrate the Tube running through our glorious city for 150 years! (P.S Stupendous exhibit at the Transport Museum in Covent Garden commemorating this. Must see.) It also happens that the new overground station in Peckham was opened earlier this year too; making it that little bit easier to get to Camberwell. 

Here's the concept board and some (really) rough concept scribbles.

Commissioned to come up with some images to represent the festival, Iriini and I have decided to create some fantastical modes of transportation to loosely represent ways of getting to Camberwell. The idea is 'Get to Camberwell... over ground, under ground, on the ground.' ie. Overground, Underground and by bus. 

Here are some snaps of my 'Overground' airship and balloon so far.


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