The Beast of Rainham Marsh, Short Film

Last month had me trawling through markets and dressing with live maggots as I production designed short film The Beast of Rainham Marsh. Directed by Matthew Cummins it is set to be released January 2014.

This production was so much fun and involved shooting in interior and exterior locations in London, Essex, Canterbury and Folkstone.

I had decided upon a very muted colour palette early on (I banished red), and had a very clear direction for wardrobe .  

Great fun, wonderful cast and crew and thankfully some lovely weather. 

There was no costume designer on this production, so aside from the art department I also took responsibility for wardrobe. Usually I would NEVER attempt this. But on this occasion I felt I knew the characters well enough and could treat wardrobe as an extension of my own department. 

Heading the art dept on this film involved liasing with phenomenal model maker Jeremy Hunt for the design and creation of hero prop and fx, over-seeing graphics by Alex Grant-Said and heading wardrobe. Amongst the usual designing, sourcing and dressing.  

Huge thanks to friend and rock Alex for reading my mind and keeping me sane.


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