Whisper Short Film

A few months ago Alex and I were approached by production company Breakneck Films to design and art direct their new short Whisper, directed by Jo Lewis. 

The script is a modern adaptation of M.R James' ghost story 'Whistle and I'll Come to You'. Shot on location in a little Sheerness beach cabin, on the eerie coast of the Isle of Sheppey. 

Here are the initial concept boards we provided which we shared amongst the DOP, the make-up artist and costume designer. 

Alex and I allowed the location to dictate the feel of this short. The grey skies, murky sea and drab muddy shingle associated with an October Kentish coastline already created a distinct backdrop. The sun-bleach blue cabin, our main location, had no electricity so paraffin lanterns as practicals with silvery exterior moonlight was a decision that was reached very early on. 

An important element to the story was the discovery of a flute hidden within a cabinet of ghostly sea trinkets. Inspired by shipwreck artefacts, beach-combing collections, Joseph Cornell boxes and curio cabinets of the 1800's there was a danger of this element becoming very 'period'. Something we wanted to avoid.

More photos of the making-of and stills to follow.


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