Stop Mo music video with Chris Ullens

Sadly this particular project was canned in its final post stage and never made it to release. Still, what a fabulous way to spend a couple of weeks... 

In August I teamed up with production company Squire and talented director and stop-mo extraordinaire Chris Ullen (brains behind London Grammar's Hey Now video), to art direct a stop-motion music video for Aussie duo Angus and Julia Stone. The track: Grizzly Bear. Chris' beautiful concept centred around the siblings taking a road trip traversing a cardboard city, countryside and finally outer space from the safety of their VW camper. All using a clever combination of stop-mo, projections and low-fi in-camera effects. 

The treatment outlined a child-like and hand-made aesthetic to the set, with little attempt to disguise what materials were being used.  

Working closely with Chris, we settled on a subdued colour palette which would work within a cardboard universe. I wanted to retain a simplicity in the sets and designed everything so they would be built in a similar way in which a child would draw them. Domes for hills. Triangles on sticks for trees. Colour was applied in a similar way, using chalks, sprays and dry brush paint effects for graduated colour. Everything was to be cut freehand. (Rulers were banned!) However I felt it was important to maintain a neatness and avoid dripping glue and too many chewed up edges, especially when working on such a small scale.

I then set about assembling a small team of talented model makers who worked around the clock constructing the miniature and life sized props.

With special thanks to Chris Ullen, animator Jamie Durand and Scenic Sets Ltd.


And a huge thank you to my wonderful all-girl team: Hannah Reed, Christy Matta, Laura Surcombe and Jo Farr for pulling through the late hours with smiles, Dirty Diana and minimal injuries.  



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