The Dot // SHOOT No. 2

The Dot is a short film Alex and I are currently designing. It is an ongoing project - having started 10 months ago with our third shoot scheduled at the end of the summer. We're pretty excited about it.
Here are a few photos from Shoot number 2. 'The Red Room.' This shot features a cascade of pills falling in slo-mo through a psychiatrists library set. 

My original sketch. I wanted this room to be symmetrical and solid red. It seemed an obvious choice given the mahogany tones that would traditionally occur in a room like this, and the purpose this set serves in the script. 
I'm keen for the 'dot' or 'circle' to be a subliminal motif throughout the film,  so every architectural feature, piece of furniture or decorative element was designed/ sourced with this in mind.

Early stages of build
Yes. Those are tiny practical wall lights. (At this stage we decided to switch the busts for the phrenologist wall charts hanging above the console tables.) We also decided against spindle bannisters and instead designed a lovely wrought iron railing for the balcony. I love this. 

On Set
Rubbish shot of the monitor during the tracking. With any luck we'll soon have some professional stills to replace my shambolic photography. A big thank you to Scenic Sets for their ever reliable later cutter, and to Veronica our talented miniature upholsterer. 


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