"If it's not Baroque, don't fix it!" Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast

Disney's new live-action feature, a remake of the 1991 Oscar winner 'Beauty and the Beast', is currently in production in the UK. As a little girl of the 80's, I'm barely containing my excitement. 

The animated version is set in France, at a time when extravagant asymmetrical garlands, gold gilded mouldings, ornate wood veneers and over-flourished porcelain was all the rage. (If you could afford the craft, and spare the hall space.) 

All but subtle, it was opulence to it's most vulgar degree during the 1600-1700's. And I LOVE it. 

I had a day off, so I popped to the V&A Museum to loosen up my rusty drawing, heading towards the Rococo gallery...


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