Chinese Year of the Snake


Despite my appearance, I'm not Chinese. 
That being said, at this time of year when our Chinese friends all over the world celebrate with sizzling grub, firecrackers and scarlet lanterns I must admit, I want in. 

2013 is the year of the snake, an animal which in Eastern cultures is believed to be a symbol of wisdom, elegance and quiet restraint. Much like the colour red, in the East snakes are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. Unlike our less flattering perceptions of snakes in the West. Which I guess is why Wu Guanying's official stamp design works so beautifully; capturing the snake in a celebratory red curl, bejewelled with lotus flowers and carrying a pearl in its mouth. 

I spent this afternoon with a cup of green tea, making my own relief model of Wu's snake out of paper. 


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