Spacey... without the Kevin.

Actually this post has no connection with Kevin Spacey what so ever. Apart from a loose association with the word 'Space.' It's late...
Still working on ongoing hush hush 'Spaceship' Project. Made a few maquette spaceships from standard modelling clay to establish form etc for the real model.
I'm thinking I'd like it to be somewhere between a gorgeous 1960's sci-fi spaceship/ Bond-like submarine, a 17th Century flying machine and a blimp. Current playlist: John Williams. Work continues.
Incidentally a friend informed me today that the world's supply of helium is in trouble! Terrible.
Imagine, in 30 years children will be leaving fair grounds with their balloons dragging behind them like strangled dogs. We'd be deprived of fully grown men that, for about 30 seconds, sound like that bloody annoying shrill maid in Gone With The Wind. Or the singing rat trio in Babe... (Why are they there...?)
Put a real downer on the day.


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