Flyboys: Test run

Last month I began work on a new childrens storybook which I am calling Flyboys. It was my eves-dropping on a kid telling his friend to 'stop being silly' because it was impossible to fly, that lead to the creation of the basic plot. I then did a little research and found myself intruigued by the Wright brothers. Later a trip to the Science museum resulted in the story of Orville and Wilbur, two brother who always dreamed of flying. Encouraged by a bet with the school bully the little boys set out to learn how to fly; trying out all sorts of odd things from feathered wings to drinking fizzy pop to make them lighter than air. The plot is set out over the space of a week and is written in a ditty narrative rhyming verse. Off course as in all good stories- the dreamers succeed after much hard work, the bully loses and all ends well. Below are a few of the initial concept drawings, character sketches and colour tryouts in prep. As per usual comments are much appreciated!


  1. Hihii...Started doing some serious spying on your stuff. I love this!!!! Did you ever finish the book?


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